Our Spring Session 1 runs for six weeks beginning the week of February 25th.  Our Spring Session 2 begins the week of April 8th and runs for six weeks.  This sessions are applicable to KidZone Quickstart and Challenger Groups.  The Academy Program is a 12 week cycle and beings the week of February 25th.

We offer drills to all levels of players that includes our by invitation High Performance and Academy Program and After-School Drills.

These levels are described below:

High Performance (by Invitiation): This program is targeted to players that want to train on a full-time basis with daily instruction over 2 time periods. This program also has a half day option and runs on a monthly basis.

Academy Drills (by Invitation): Players in this program have been nominated by the NATA coaching staff that participate in local and national tournaments and/or their high school team. Academy drills are in 12-week sessions. We have a group of Pre-Academy students that are also by invitation that are our Futures group.

NATA After-School Drills: These drills are designed for a range of players from beginners to intermediate/advanced level and are offered 1 or 2 days per week that are in 6-weeks sessions.

The description of the drill groups and drill days and times are listed below:

Challenger (Ages 8 to 18): This group is for players looking to improve their rally skills, improve their basic knowledge of the rules of tennis, improve their tactical skills, as well as their physical skills so they can play the game for the rest of their lives. Please note that a player participating in this group should have a basic understanding of all the fundamentals in tennis and also can reasonably carry on a rally back and forth.

KidZone Quickstart (Ages 5 – 12): This drill group is for players aspiring to learn the rules of the game, learn the fundamentals, and learn how to rally so they can participate in tennis programs competitively and socially using low compression balls.

Days of Week:

High Performance – (4.5 hours) – Monday – Friday 11 to 1230pm and 130 to 430pm

Academy (2 hours) – Tuesday and Thursday 500 to 700pm

Challenger (2 hours) – Monday and Wednesday 500 to 700pm

KidZone Quickstart (1 hour) – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 400 to 500pm

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North Atlanta Tennis Academy